Legal Tech News: You Think Legal Education Can’t Change? 8 Innovative Ideas from Law Schools

Who said the law curriculum can’t be innovative?

Over the past several years, a number of law schools have answered the call to become more technology-savvy and forward-thinking, introducing topics like data security, e-discovery, and even the blockchain and artificial intelligence into their class offerings. This new focus extends outside the immediate classroom as well, with law schools looking to hold events like hackathons and change the nature of legal research, access to justice and more.

The fall semester of 2018 has been no different. Here’s a selection of a few ways we around the network have found law schools to be innovative in the past few months. And there are surely more initiatives happening both this semester and in the future to teach the next generation of lawyers that the law need not be stagnant.

Vanderbilt, online learning: Vanderbilt’s new V-Legal Executive Certificate is a series of three online courses that target business professionals who would benefit from some basic knowledge about legal issues and how to work effectively with lawyers.’s Karen Sloan called it “a masters in ‘legal studies-lite’ for professionals who don’t want to spend the time and energy on a year-long masters program.”

The courses cover the basic structure of the legal system and legal reasoning, as well as important business topics including contracts, discovery, atroney0client privilege and property. The goal, the school said is to have professionals “learn to think like a lawyer” when making decisions for their businesses and organizations, gaining skills that may have an immediate impact on their job performance and career advancement.”

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